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Management Team

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His Eminence, Cardinal Poola Anthony

In the quest for knowledge and with a mission to empower the youth to become excellent human resources, and to contribute meaningfully to the Nation and the society, Hyderabad Archdiocese Educational Society (HAES) has started its Management [MBA] College –

St. Mary’s Centenary College of Management in 2022.

We are in the first quarter of the 21st century. This “century” is a century of Knowledge, Management and Technology. On one side we are peeping in the  universe to the multitude of opportunities, on the other hand, we are finding out what is hidden in the depth of oceans. The century wherein "Knowledge" plays a major role in needing to devise processes near to perfection. 

“The essence of true education is not only to facilitate the students with tools to attain success in life but also to engrain values in them.” The institution works to incorporate the principles of modesty and compassion coupled with an  idea to effectuate innovation, growth and excellence.


Rev. Msgr. Yeruva Balashowry

HAES Institutions have a rich tradition of pursuing academic excellence, value-based education and providing a conducive environment for the overall personality development of students. In addition to excellent teaching, the faculty members are actively involved in the grooming of the students.

The academic programs provided are comprehensive and as per the affiliated university and are continuously being upgraded over and above the university syllabus to keep pace with the latest developments and innovations in associated disciplines with the necessary blend of IT and management.

The curriculum delivery of the program is industry-oriented. Academic rigor is reflected in the course design and delivery of this program.
Various pedagogic tools help our students develop not only a holistic business perspective but an ability to seize opportunities in a competitive business environment. At the same time, they remain committed to the betterment of society.



Rev. Fr. Dr. P. Anthony Vinay

Today India has taken pride of place in the new emerging world order. With its most potent human resource pool, rich natural resources, highly competent educational system and technology driven economic health.  India is the most promising destination, for the new economic world order.

Today, India aspires to be the global leader in innovative cutting- edge technology, research and development. It is gradually becoming a hub for high-tech education systems tapping its resource of vast human potential to develop industry- ready technocrats. Corporate and Industrial conglomerates are looking toward India for industry-aligned professionals. Major Indian cities are becoming the academic hub for innovative technologies and developing human resource potential. “ St. Mary’s Centenary College of Management”  is the flag bearer of a new trend in education where competency, quality, commitment and a truly futuristic vision are the cornerstones laid by the H.A.E.S.

To innovate and integrate new learning order, Research and quality education is given a boost through various collaborations with International Institutions. Periodic visits by dignitaries from the fields of education, industry and governance from across the globe, facilitate interactive knowledge exchange.


SMCCOM believes in the holistic development of an individual through training the mind and the body. Through its educational institutions, it not only trains the students academically but also helps them keep abreast of developments in their chosen fields and beyond by organizing seminars, workshops, competitions, etc. Equal importance is given to physical fitness through the encouragement of sports.

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