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MBA in finance empowers students with knowledge and skills in analytical thinking, managerial decision making and maintaining a balance between risk and profitability. The course includes – Accounts, Financial Management, Investment Management, International Finance, Financial Risk Management, Banking and Insurance etc. No matter what industry it is, the demand for an MBA in Finance will always be there, which solely makes the stream highly versatile and much in demand.

Career Opportunities with MBA – Finance: MBA in finance graduates have a wide range of opportunities in the corporate world, making it one of the most sought-after MBA specialisations. Graduates with an MBA in finance have a wide range of career options in the public and private sectors including Banks, Finance Companies, the Manufacturing Sector, Mutual Funds, Stock Trading, Insurance and Venture Capital Firms etc., They are offered job roles viz.  Accounts Manager, financial advisor, investment banker, hedge fund manager, stock trader , equity analyst, etc.

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