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An MBA in IT/system management can help a candidate develop managerial and administrative qualities as well as gain a sound understanding of business concepts which is a crucial requirement for project management positions in software development activities. The IT services industry is actively seeking out candidates who are not only technically strong but also can  constantly challenge themselves in terms of problem-solving which is very important these days Candidates who are equipped with an MBA in IT and Systems management have an added advantage of getting a job in an IT MNC as they have knowledge of technology as well as a sound understanding of global business aspects. An MBA degree helps candidates become well-trained in management aspects helping them grow into successful IT managers.

The Course includes IT applications for Management, Database management systems, business analytics, data visualization and data mining for business.

Career Opportunities with MBA – Systems : The students can join IT Industries as Business Analyst, Technical Consultant, Program Manager, Project Manager, Project leader , Quality / Testing Manager etc.

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